Monday, October 6, 2008

Coolest. Wedding. Ever.

I had the honor and privilege of co-celebrating a wedding this past weekend. A friend of mine whom I have known since the fourth grade (and we are not saying how long ago that was) got married, and his father, a Rev. Dr. Presbyterian, led us through most of the celebration. I was pleased to be asked to offer a few words, and the prayer of blessing on their marriage.

It helped that the weather in the hills of East Tennessee cooperated to be a perfect match for the reading of "An Appalachian Wedding" by Thomas Berry, read by one of the bridesmaids.

An Appalachian Wedding

Look up at the sky
the heavens so blue
the sun so radiant
the clouds so playful
the soaring raptors
woodland creatures
meadows in bloom
rivers singing their
way to the sea
wolfsong on the land
whalesong in the sea
celebration everywhere
wild, riotous
immense as a monsoon
lifting an ocean of joy
then spilling it down over
the Appalachian landscape
drenching us all
in a deluge of delight
as we open our arms and
rush toward each other
all of us moved by that vast
compassionate curve
that brings all things together
in intimate celebration
celebration that is
the universe itself.

-- by Thomas Berry

The leaves floated down off the trees just as the bride walked under them. The collection of bluegrass and jazz and rock and other genres of musicians, groom included, who graced the tent with music during the reception was outstanding.

Among the many elements of this particular wedding, seeing friends of long ago and again, being able to help officiate the wedding of ones dear to me, co-celebrating with my second dad (as it were), a setting so perfect, this will be a long-remembered moment.

Congratulations Greg and Paige. What a wonderful celebration of your love.